About us

We are an Interaction Design Agency.

  • We combine design and technology creating contexts for experiences people will love and remember.


Here it is our secret recipe

Co-creation process

Think of us as part of your team instead of suppliers. We believe in co-creation, working together to create a product that you can totally recognize as yours, because you actively contribute to shape it.


We aim to build a strong relationship with the people we work with. Together, we start a journey where we connect each other, observing, listening and talking. We discover constrains and opportunities and we learn to trust each other.


We aim to engage people at a personal level, intriguing, surprising them and creating something that they will remember. We want people to enjoy the product a second time as enthusiastically as the first time.


We are nice and friendly people


We love to design for great experiences

Mapping of users behaviours and needs

We review existing products and we learn more about those, exploring the context and getting an insight of users.
We talk to people, we observe them during their activities and finally we map their behaviours and needs at different touchpoints.

Idea generation and concept development

We love to generate several ideas, involving in the process end users and clients. We push their mind to make new connections, thinking differently and shifting your perspective.
Together we select the best ideas and we turn them into solid concepts.

Testing and prototyping

We turn ideas into prototypes, testing the solutions to be sure they address the target groups and their needs.

Branding and promotion

We help you to create a solid identity for your company or organization, designing several products, like logo, business cards, flyers and websites.


We bring our creative skills to the table

Interaction Design


Graphic Design

Website Design


A little selection of our projects


Our sandbox, where magic happens.

Here at CitySandbox, we are extremely curious. In the lab we use that curiosity as drive to focus on specific issues and ask questions.

The lab provides a space to try new things, to fail, to learn and sometimes to make great things happen.

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